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Andrew (Drew) Logan MacDonald

Former Canadian Submarine Captain

1234 Barrington Street, Apt. 102, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1Y4 Wk: (902) 495-1603

Profile http://chebucto.ns.ca/~aq733/Profile.sub-ace.html

Drew MacDonald drew_macdonald@yahoo.com

Last Updated 26 November 2010.


Military Systems Project Management, Trials and Acceptance, Business Development, Research and Development.

Assistant to senior executive concerned with defense or marine systems - especially where major program implementation is needed to meet current military contractual requirements.

SUMMARY - (1972-2010)

Multi-level experience in all aspects of surface and submarine warfare from Above Water Weapons of a 280 Tribal Class Destroyer to Command of three Canadian Oberon Class Submarines (72-89). Maritime Command Headquarters (MARCOM HQ) project management experience as a project officer for a 100 million dollar weapons system (MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo) program (89). Appointed as Officer in Charge of the Submarine Section of the Canadian Forces Fleet School Halifax (CFFS(H)) in both the early and late 1980's. As a civilian, held chair in Submarine Tactics at the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre (91-94). Currently acting, writing, and directing with various credits in theatre, theatre festivals, radio and television commercials, drama, internet cartoon voice overs, and feature film. Also working as an assistant manager in a private food and beverage operation. (95-Present).


At MARCOM HQ, developed and led the first Canadian Naval "Tiger Team" to keep MK 48 weapons project on track. Analyzed project problems, formulated and established MK 48 "Tiger Team". Achieved significant synergy amongst a variety of multi-disciplinary, public and private sector agencies in both Canada and the United States. Sparked in-service and outside agencies to meet critical milestones. Within 5 months, using PERT, CPM techniques, and a measured dose of common sense, brought program (which was about to be pushed right a year) back on track - under budget.

Provided technical and command assistance to defense scientists at the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) in conceptual design of a submarine attack simulator with particular emphasis on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

As Officer in Charge of CFFS(H) Submarine School, formally accepted delivery of a Royal Navy Oberon Class Submarine (HMS OLYMPUS) for conversion to a Harbour Training Submarine. Developed and implemented plans in conjunction with National Defense Headquarters to bring Harbour Training Submarine Olympus on line well within the allocated budget.

Maintained momentum for MK 48 project culminating in the training of the first two submarine Command Teams. As a point of record, the Combat Division Commander reported, "Through sheer perseverance, he was able to ensure that the Fleet School portion of the MK 48 Weapons Certification Program was executed in a timely and efficient manner... He has very good command appreciation, set high standards, challenged the boat’s team and introduced several innovative enhancements to the training."

MAJOR REFITS AND TRIALS - (1985-1986, 1988-1989)

Commanded HMCS OKANAGAN and HMCS OJIBWA through (600,000 man hour) refits and post refit trials. Completed OKANAGAN sea trials as scheduled overcoming numerous obstacles. Applied: refit philosophy to HMCS ONONDAGA; restructured trials programs thus increasing efficiency and economy of time and effort; and, established unit procedures to provide timely updates to CF 1148 documentation. Methods introduced utilized by subsequent Submarine Commanding Officers and adopted fleet wide.

NAVAL OPERATIONS - (1974-1989)

Conducted all phases of submarine warfare and operations from the Caribbean to North Norway. Successfully conducted initial towing trials for Submarine Towed Array Sonar System (SUBTASS) and numerous DREA cruises. Developed and implemented cutting edge acoustic warfare tactics with both fitted and improvised systems.

Achieved considerable notoriety with Canadian surface and Naval air communities for tactical skills. Commended by a British Helicopter Training Squadron Commanding Officer for providing, "...the best evasion I've seen in ten years." Mentioned in signal dispatch by UK Admiral, Flag Officer Submarines, after a major NATO exercise: "Your valiant efforts in Vendetta 87 have been much admired." Maintained high unit morale which resulted in a personnel retention rate which was amongst the best in the fleet.


Completed specialist courses in Destroyer Weapons, Destroyer Navigation, Training Systems and Training Development, Advanced Fire Leader's Training, Weapons Analysis, Advanced Acoustic Analysis, Executive Officer Training (with Royal Australian Navy), Royal Naval Submarine Commanding Officer’s Qualifying Course (Perisher), and Canadian and British Advanced Warfare Courses.



Achieved a measure of favorable publicity through: influencing an editor of a local daily to increase the amount of pro navy coverage; assisting in the production of submarine dramatic sequences (writing, acting, and directing) for the 1986 Litton Industries film "First in the Future"; collaborating in the production of CBC's The Journal's "Silent Service" (1987); providing technical assistance for an article about submarines in the 1988 November issue of Reader's Digest; and, appearing before the 1994 Joint Parliamentary Committee on Defense. Conducted radio, television, and printed press interviews throughout military career.

From 1995 to 1999 developed and implemented public relations plans for Fringe Theatre Productions including: press releases; written promotional material; publicity photos; live-to-air interviews; television and print press news conferences; and procurement of financial sponsors to defray cost of public relations.

Provided expert opinion to media inquiries from US and Canadian Radio, Television, and print outlets when the Russian Nuclear Attack submarine, KURSK sunk in August of 2000. Also provided expert opinion to media inquiries from Canada and the United Kingdom after the HMCS CHICOUTIMI fire.


Past adventure sports have included: flying single engine aircraft (Private Pilot); flying aircraft not fitted with engines (Glider Pilot); rock climbing; skiing; Colorado river rafting; parachuting; and, motorcycling through Eastern Canada Britain, and Europe.

Played offensive guard and tackle on the 1983 Canadian Flag Football Champion Team defeating the Calgary Police Department (inter city league).

Enjoy: art; reading; films; television; acting class; playing guitar and piano to complete satisfaction; singing in the shower with operatic gusto; and, dazzling friends with close up magic, illusion, and the marvels of science.


Published two short stories in the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Bulletin. Wrote, produced, and performed a 50 minute one man show in the 1998 Atlantic Fringe Theatre Festival. Recent acting credits include speaking roles with an Oscar Nominee, a Golden Globe Winner, and a Genie Award Winner.

Former Member of ACTRA (the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), Associate Member of Officer’s Mess CFB Halifax, Member of the Royal United Services Institute, Trustee of the HMCS Sackville Memorial Trust, Member of the Submarine Association of Canada (East), Member of the Royal Canadian Naval Association (Pereguine), Member of the Theatre Arts Guild, The Dartmouth Players, The Dobson Yacht Club (Sydney), and a frequent Student at Neptune Theatre School.

References available on request.

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