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Business Guides

The Growth Company Guide to Investors, Deal Structures, and Legal Strategies. "Practical Advice for Growing Companies and Private Company Investors by Clinton Richardson. Free at this location, the complete text of this 302 page hardcover reference guide to growing a company in the United States." from their Site 6 April 1999.

High Tech Partnering AND Canadian Government Organizations and Search Engines

Government of Nova Scotia - Public Inquiries - Do you have a question about the Nova Scotia government or its services? Fill out the form at this website, and they say they will get an answer back to you-probably within 24 hours.

Thomas Register - "...Thomas Register on the Internet the most comprehensive directory of industrial buying and specifying information." from their loggin page 30 Nov 98.

Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site) is the Internet electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services. Direct links are also provided from this site to government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities.

Government of Canada Search - Government of Canada Information Search will display information as requested from all federal government Internet sites. Search the Government Electronic Directory Services.

HRDC Self Employment Benefit - "The Self Employment Benefit is a tool that will help individuals create jobs for themselves through self employment, by providing them with various types of support during the period when they start up a business. Assistance can include coaching, ongoing support advice and financial support. Coaching will be tailored to your needs and can include subjects such as business plan development, accounting, marketing, use of computers etc." - HRDC-NS

Interactive Business Planner

Interative Business Planner. (IBP) You may go directly to the IBP Sign-In Screen. The following description is from the IBP website.

The IBP uses the capabilities of the Internet to assist entrepreneurs with preparing a 3 year business plan for their new or existing business. With the IBP, you will:

How to Prepare a Business Plan

HRDC-NS: How to Prepare a Business Plan - This is a good site for assistance and guidance with respect to business plans.

Business Incubation and Commercialization

Innovacorp - InNOVAcorp works to commercialize technology in the areas of health, oceans, advanced materials, and engineering. "We help make it possible for Nova Scotia firms to bring their technology-based products and services to full commercialization. We also create partnerships between these companies and international suppliers and producers." - InNOVAcorp

Innovation Centre - "The Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre is Canada's leading organization dedicated to assisting inventors, entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Beginning with the founding of the University of Waterloo's Inventor's Assistance Program in 1976 and in conjunction with increasing recognition of the value of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, the CIIC was founded in 1981 as an independent, not-for-profit corporation. The Innovation Centre is partially funded by Industry Canada." - CIIC

The National Research Council of Canada

The National Research Council of Canada - "For more than 80 years, the National Research Council of Canada has been the principal science and technology agency of the Canadian federal government. With 16 research institutes located in eleven major centres across the country, NRC is well-positioned to foster regional economic innovation." - from NRC website 24 July 1998.

NRC's information and technology diffusion services may be foun at the following URL's:

  • The Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)

  • NRC Research Press

  • The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

  • Canadian Technology Network (CTN)

  • CTN - Maritimes

  • CTN Maritime CTN Node Advisors (Maritime Provinces with links to other Provinces and Territories.) .

    DalTech and Business Development Links

    Computer Vison and Image Processing

    Computer Vison and Image Processing Lab at DalTech. - "...the Computer Vison and Image Processing Lab at DalTech, situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The CVIP Lab develops new theory, algorithms and architectures for computer vision and image processing, with applications in both industry and medicine. - cviplab website 24 Feb 99

    DalTech Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory Projects

    Marine Vessel Design and Research

    The Centre for Marine Vessel Design and Research. - CTN CMVDR Page.

    The Centre for Marine Vessel Design and Research - "The Centre for Marine Vessel Design and Research carries out special R&D in the area of marine vessel design and performance analysis. The Centre has developed a unique Nonlinear Ship/Boat Motions Analysis (NOSMA) software package which uses advanced hydrodynamic theory to predict motions of marine vessels in ocean waves -- whether at rest or underway." - CMVDR website 24 Feb 99.

    Lockheed Martin Corporation - Lockheed Martin Corporation - US Headquarters

    The Canadian Department of National Defence

    D - Net - This is the offical Web site of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces.

    Public Works - Public Works Source List

    Registry of Joint Stock Companies - "If you plan to do business or start a Society in Nova Scotia, or you're simply interested in finding general information about an existing company or society, the Registry should be one of your first stops. We've put this World Wide Web site together to help you navigate the complexities of getting started." - RJSC Website 26 April 1998.

    Canadian Coast Guard College

    Public Service of Canada - Human Resources

    Contract Bidding Information - Canada & NovaScotia

    BIDS - BIDS Nova Scotia Limited.

    "Bidding Information - The way you want it! We do the sorting for you. You tell us what products or services you sell. When tenders are issued from any of our buying agencies, we send them to you." - www.bids.ca - Web Site 20 June 1998.

    SOEP - Sable Offshore Energy Project.

    "From the mid 1960's through to the late 1980's significant deposits of natural gas were discovered in the porous sandstone rocks underlying the Sable Island area, approximately 160 to 300 km off the east coast of mainland Nova Scotia. Six gas fields have currently been identified as being suitable for development: Venture, South Venture, Thebaud, North Triumph, Glenelg and Alma. These fields contain about 85 billion cubic metres of recoverable gas reserves. The fields lie 10 to 40 km north of the edge of the Scotian Shelf in water depths between 20 and 80 metres, as shown in Figure 1-1. The Sable Offshore Energy Project proposes to develop these six natural gas reservoirs." - SOEP Site 20 June 1998.

    Canadian Business Services Centres - Federal/Provincial

    British Columbia Business Service Centre - Canada/British Columbia Business Service Centre Web Site

    BC Business Service Centre's Popular Requests - "Our more frequently requested topics."

    Human Resources Development Canada

    Human Resources Development Canada - Nova Scotia "An information resource for a competitive labour market." From the HR Web Site 20 June 1998.

    Human Resources Development Canada - Sydney (Cape Breton) - Sydney HRDC Home Page.

    Industrial Cape Breton's Community Partners - "Our local Human Resource Centres have continued to promote a partnered approach in our service delivery to the community. We have listed some of our community partners here as a community resource." - from HRDC Sydney site 17 Feb 99.

    Pictou Business Centre - may be found here.

    Canada Business Service Centres - All Canadian BSC's may be accessed from this link.

    BC Business Center - may be accessed at this link.

    Arts Development

    The Canada Council - "The Canada Council is an independent, arm's length organization created by the Parliament of Canada in 1957 to foster and promote the arts. The Council provides a wide range of grants and services to: professional Canadian artists including musicians, writers, dance artists, theatre artists, visual artists (including architects, critics and curators, and photographers), media artists, and artists who work in an interdisciplinary manner; presenters in music, theatre and dance; and arts organizations in music, writing, publishing, dance, theatre, visual arts and media arts." - The Canada Council (extract from website 28 November 1997.

    US NAVY - Doing Business Online

    ABM ONLINE - linkspage .


    Proposal Writing and Research Sites

    Beaucoup!...the exceptional way to search . - Stacks of Search Engines.

    Commerce Business Daily . - " CBDNet is the Government's official FREE electronic version of the Commerce Business Daily (CBD)." from CBDNet site 16 Feb 99.

    HUDCLIPS - hudclips.org (Application for Bidder's List (Form 129)) . - "...HUD's Client Information and Policy System." from HUD website 16 Feb 99.

    Government Printing Office .

    Loren Data Corporation . _ Free Access to CBD online.

    Federal Marketplace Procurement Data Warehouse . - a commerical site offering free trials. 16 FeEb 99.

    Federal Acquisition Jumpstation . - "...link to federal acquisitions on the Internet." 16 Feb 99.

    Proposal Management Sites

    ALLPM - The Projects Manager's Home Page .

    APMP - Association of Proposal Management Professionals . - "APMP is an association formed to support men and women involved in proposal management and development. Its mission is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of proposal management and promote the professionalism of those engaged in those pursuits through the sharing of non-proprietary proposal methods, approaches, and processes. APMP conducts meetings and events, both on a national scale and at the local level through individual chapters." from APMP website 24 Feb 99.

    OPTYM Professional Services . - "The mission of this web site is to provide a free resource for the government contracting community. This site provides information, articles, discussion forums, links to key industry web pages, and tools that are relevent to pursuing business with the government." - from the OPTYM website 24 Feb 99.

    Directors Institutes, Forums, Clubs, Associations IOD - ICD

    The Institute of Directors (UK)

    The Corporate Institute of Directors (CA)

    International Forum for Corporate Directors

    The Corporate Club (AU) .

    CD Howe Institute .

    Online Publications - ezines, e-zines, or zines.

    This section is under construction.

    dominis.com . -

    ezines . -

    CCH Canadian Limited - Links to Other Sites

    "CCH Canadian has compiled a list, complete with links, of sites which may be of use as a research aid to those interested in Canadian tax, accounting, legal and government information." From CCH Canaidian Website 17 July 98.

    Drew's Canadian Human Resources Links Section

    This Section is in development.

    KPMG -

    Link to KPMG Canada or KPMG International .

    Finance for Business Start-ups and Expansion

    Sources for Financing - "The $ources of Financing site offers a searchable database of financial services to meet your specific business needs. $ources is the new generation financial services tool on Strategis..." - Strategis site 14 Feb 98.

    Business Development Bank - 1-800-INFO-BDC (1-800-463-6232).

    Strategis Financial Partners - Strategis Partners which help navigate the financial maze.

    Something about Angels - How Inventors can Raise Finances.

    Some new links - 6 April 1999. :)

    ACOA - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

    Business Search Engines and B-Links

    Links to B-Schools. - The Tuck B-Schools Page

    Brint Business Research:

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