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"1975, The"	SFG241-12	Robbers
5 Seconds Of Summer	SFG242-12	Amnesia
5 Seconds Of Summer	SFG240-17	Don't Stop
5 Seconds Of Summer	SFG245-07	Good Girls
"Alaina, Lauren"	SYB1128-15	Next Boyfriend
"Aldean, Jason"	SS-CG200-07	Burnin' It Down
"Aldean, Jason"	SYBG250-01	Burnin' It Down
"Aldean, Jason"	SS-CG201-07	Sweet Little Somethin'
"Aldean, Jason"	SS-CG201-06	Two Night Town
Alien Ant Farm	CBG112-05	Smooth Criminal
American Authors	SYBG249-10	Best Day Of My Life
Arctic Monkeys	SFG241-04	Snap Out Of It
"Arthur, James"	SYB1136-07	Say You Won't Let Go
"Avicii & Williams, R."	SFG245-12	"Days, The"
"Azalea, I. & Charli XCX"	SYBG057-01	Fancy
"Azalea, I. & Ora, R."	SYBG057-12	Black Widow
"Azalea, I. & Oro, R."	SFG242-09	Black Widow
"Ballard, Frankie"	SS-CG200-09	Sunshine And Whiskey
"Ballerini, Kelsea"	SYB1128-03	Dibs
"Ballerini, Kelsea"	SBYG059-05	Love Me Like You Mean It
"Ballerini, Kelsea"	SYB1132-03	Peter Pan
"Ballerini, Kelsea"	SYB1132-11	Yeah Boy
"Band Perry, The"	SYBG250-11	Gentle On My Mind
Barenaked Ladies	CBG112-11	Falling For The First Time
Bastille	SFG241-09	Bad Blood
Bastille	SYBG249-16	Pompeii
"Bay, James"	SYB1129-15	Let It Go
"Bellion, Jon"	SYB1134-15	All Time Low
"Bentley, Dierks"	SS-CG198-03	Drunk On A Plane
"Bentley, Dierks"	SYB1128-02	Somewhere On A Beach
Beyonce	PHMG142-01	Listen
"Bieber, Justin"	SYBG060-03	Sorry  
"Bieber, Justin"	SYBG060-11	What Do You Mean
Big & Rich	SS-CG202-08	Look At You
"Blue Moon Boys, The"	CB20571-04	Santabilly Boogie
"Blunt, James"	PHMG141-01	Goodbye My Lover
"Blunt, James"	SFG245-06	When I Find Love Again
Breaking Benjamin	PHMG144-08	So Cold
"Brice, Lee"	SYBG250-10	I Don't Dance
"Brickman, Jim"	PHMG141-04	When It Snows
"Brody, Dean"	CBG118-08	Brothers
"Brown, C. & Usher & Ross, N."	SFG244-15	New Flame
"Bryan, Luke"	SYB1132-07	"Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day"
"Bryan, Luke"	SBYG059-11	I See You
"Bryan, Luke"	SBYG059-04	Kick The Dust Up
"Bryan, Luke"	SS-CG200-03	Roller Coaster
"Bryan, Luke"	SYBG250-15	Roller Coaster
"Bryan, Luke"	SYB1128-05	Strip It Down
"Cagle, Chris"	SCG037-05	Chicks Dig It
"Caillat, Colbie"	SYBG249-13	Try
Cam	SBYG059-07	Burning House
"Campbell, Craig"	SS-CG198-05	Keep Them Kisses Coming
"Cara, Alessia"	SYB1129-06	Here
"Cara, Alessia"	SYB1134-06	Scars To Your Beautiful
Cartel	PHMG143-09	Honestly
"Cash Cash & Rexha, B."	SFG240-10	Take Me Home
"Chainsmokers, The & Halsey"	SYB1134-01	Closer
"Chainsmokers, The & Rozes"	SYB1130-11	Roses
Charli XCX	SFG243-15	Boom Clap
Charli XCX	SYBG057-05	Boom Clap
Cheryl	SFG245-04	I Don't Care
"Chesney, Kenny"	SS-CG199-09	American Kids
"Chesney, Kenny"	SYBG250-13	American Kids
"Chesney, Kenny"	SS-CG201-02	Flora-Bama
"Chesney, Kenny"	SYB1132-04	Setting The World On Fire
"Christmas - Blue Moon Boys, The"	CB20571-04	Santabilly Boogie
Christmas - Leroy	CB20571-01	Santa Stole My Baby
"Christmas - Prine, John"	CB20571-02	Christmas In Prison
"Christmas - Segar, Bob"	CB20571-05	Sock It To Me Santa
"Christmas - Stevens, Ray"	CB20571-06	Redneck Christmas
Christmas - Trailer Trash	CB20571-03	Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas
"Church, Eric"	SS-CG200-08	Cold One
"Church, Eric"	SYB1132-16	Record Year
"Church, Eric"	SS-CG202-06	Talladega
"Clarkson, Kelly"	SYBG057-14	Heartbeat Song
"Clean Bandit & Glynne, J."	SYBG057-10	Rather Be
Clean Bandit & Sharma Bass	SFG240-09	Extraordinary
"Clean Bandit, Paul, S., & Anne-Marie"	SYB1134-08	Rockabye
Coldplay	SFG240-02	A Sky Full Of Stars
"Cole, C. & Tempah, T."	SFG241-11	Crazy Stupid Love
Collective Soul	PHMG144-06	Counting The Days
"Common Linnets, The"	SFG240-14	Calm After The Storm (Eurovision 2014)
"Costa, Matt"	PHMG141-03	Cold December
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-01	Bad Bad Leroy Brown
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-05	I Got A Name
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-03	I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-07	Lover's Cross
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-14	New York's Not My Home
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-08	One Less Set Of Footsteps
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-02	Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels)  
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-09	Photographs And Memories
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-11	Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy)
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-12	Roller Derby Queen
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-15	Speedball Tucker
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-13	These Dreams
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-06	Time In A Bottle
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-10	Workin' At The Car Wash Blues
"Croce, Jim"	CBG90204-04	You Don't Mess Around With Jim
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-01	Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-02	Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-03	Deep In The Heart Of Texas
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-14	Did You Ever See A Dream Walking
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-15	Don't Fence Me In
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-04	Goodnight Sweetheart
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-05	In My Merry Oldsmobile
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-06	In The Good Old Summertime
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-07	Let Me Call You Sweetheart
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-13	Stardust
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-08	Swinging On A Star
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-12	Till We Meet Again
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-11	True Love
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-09	When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
"Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-10	You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
Crossfade	PHMG144-01	Cold  
"Currington, Billy"	SS-CG198-09	We Are Tonight
"Cyrus, Miley"	SYB1136-04	Malibu
Danity Kane	PHMG143-06	Ride For You
Daughtry	PHMG143-04	It's Not Over
Daya	SYB1130-12	"Sit Still, Look Pretty"
"Del Luca, R. & Burden, The"	PHMG141-08	Colourful
"Del Rey, Lana"	SFG242-10	Shades Of Cool
"Derulo, J. & Snoop Dogg"	SFG241-13	Wiggle
"Derulo, Jason"	SYBG058-11	Want To Want Me
DHT	PHMG141-06	I Go Crazy
"Disclosure & Smith, S."	SYBG057-13	Latch
Disney - Aladdin	DISG263-06	A Whole New World
Disney - Cinderella	DISG263-03	Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
Disney - Cinderella	DISG263-05	Every Girl Can Be A Princess
Disney - Cinderella	DISG263-01	So This Is Love
Disney - Disney Princesses	DISG263-02	If You Can Dream
Disney - Hercules	DISG263-04	I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Disney - Jake And The Neverland Pirates	DISG263-08	Once Upon A Time
Disney - Sleeping Beauty	DISG263-07	I Wonder  
"DJ Cassidy & Kelly, R."	SFG242-08	Make The World Go Round
"DJ Fresh & Goulding, E."	SFG243-14	Flashlight
"DJ Snake & Bieber, J."	SYB1134-05	Let Me Love You
DNCE	SYB1129-05	Cake By The Ocean
DNCE	SYB1130-10	Toothbrush
"Eli Young Band, The"	SS-CG199-02	Dust
Everclear	CBG112-01	A-M Radio
Example	SFG244-11	10 Million People
"Eyne, Ella"	SFG244-18	Comeback
"Eyne, Ella"	SFG243-06	If I Go
"Ezra, George"	SFG245-10	Blame It On Me
"Ezra, George"	SFG241-02	Budapest
"Ezra, George"	SYBG058-09	Budapest
"Faith, Paloma"	SFG240-08	Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Fall Out Boy	SFG245-13	Centuries
Fall Out Boy	SYBG249-06	Centuries
Fall Out Boy	SYBG058-13	Uma Thurman
"Farrell, Gia"	PHMG143-03	Hit Me Up
Fifth Harmony & Kid Ink	SYBG060-02	Worth It
Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla Sign	SYB1130-05	Work From Home
Five For Fighting	CBG112-06	Superman (It's Not Easy)
Flo Rida	SYB1129-11	My House
Florida Georgia Line	SYB1132-09	Anything Goes
Florida Georgia Line	SS-CG200-05	Dirt
Florida Georgia Line	SYBG250-04	Dirt
Florida Georgia Line	SYB1132-01	H.O.L.Y.
Florida Georgia Line	SYB1132-05	May We All
Florida Georgia Line	SS-CG199-04	People Back Home
Florida Georgia Line	SBYG059-09	Sun Daze
Florida Georgia Line	SS-CG201-09	Sun Daze
Flume & Kia	SYB1134-16	Never Be Like You
"Fonsi, L., Daddy Yankee, & Bieber, J."	SYB1136-01	Despacito
Foo Fighters	SFG245-03	Something From Nothing
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-09	Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-08	Baby I Need Your Loving
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-12	Indestructible
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-07	"Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)"
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-10	Something About You
"Four Tops, The"	CBG122-11	When She Was My Girl
Foxes	SFG242-13	Glorious
"Freeman, Paul"	CBG111-04	You And I
Fuse ODG & Angel	SFG245-17	T.J.N.A
"Fuse ODG & Paul, S."	SFG241-16	Dangerous Love
Future Leaders Of The World	PHMG144-02	Leave Me Out
G.R.L.	SFG244-16	Ugly Heart
"Garrix, M. & Lipa, D."	SYB1136-12	Scared To Be Lonely
"Garrix, M. & Rexha, B."	SYB1134-12	In The Name Of Love
"G-Easy & Rexha, B."	SYB1129-08	"Me, Myself, And I"
"Gilbert, B. & Moore, J. & Rhett, T."	SS-CG199-01	Small Town Throwdown
"Gilbert, Brantley"	SS-CG198-01	17 Again
"Glynne, Jess"	SFG241-06	Right Here
"Gnash & O'Brien, O."	SYB1134-13	"I Hate U, I Love U"
Gomez	PHMG141-02	See The World
"Gomez, Selena"	SYBG060-16	Good For You
"Gomez, Selena"	SYB1129-02	Hands To Myself
"Gomez, Selena"	SYBG060-10	Same Old Love
"Gorgon City & Welsh, L."	SFG240-07	Here For You
"Goulding, Ellie"	SFG240-13	Beating Heart
"Goulding, Ellie"	SYBG057-07	Love Me Like You Do
"Goulding, Ellie"	SYBG060-12	On My Mind
Grace & G-Eazy	SYB1130-16	You Don't Own Me
"Gracin, Josh"	CBG118-02	Telluride
"Graham, Lucas"	SYB1129-09	7 Years
"Grammer, Andy"	SYBG058-06	"Honey, I'm Good"
"Grande, A. & Azalea, I."	SFG241-08	Problem
"Grande, A. & Minaj, N."	SYB1134-02	Side To Side
"Grande, A. & The Weekend"	SYBG249-07	Love Me Harder
"Grande, A. & Zedd"	SFG243-09	Break Free
"Grande, Ariana"	SYB1129-16	Dangerous Woman
"Grande, Ariana"	SYB1129-10	Focus
"Grande, Ariana"	SYB1130-07	Into You
"Grande, Ariana"	SYBG058-05	One Last Time
"Gray, David"	CBG112-04	Babylon
Green Day	CBG112-12	Minority
"Guetta, D. & Martin, S."	SFG245-14	Dangerous  
"Guetta, D. & Martin, S."	SFG243-07	Lovers On The Sun
"Guetta, D. & Minaj, N."	SYBG058-08	Hey Mama
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-15	A Better Love Next Time
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-02	"Bottle Let Me Down, The"
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-05	Daddy Frank
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-11	Everybody's Had The Blues
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-03	Farmer's Daughter
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-01	"Fightin' Side Of Me, The"
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-06	I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-14	If We're Not Back In Love By Monday
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-08	It's All In The Movies
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-10	It's Not Love But It's Not Bad
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-09	Let's Chase Each Other 'Round The Room
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-04	Lonesome Fugitive
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-12	Sing Me Back Home
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-07	Swinging Doors
"Haggard, Merle"	CBG117-13	Things Aren't Funny Anymore
Halsey	SYB1136-06	Now Or Never
"Hanson, Jennifer"	SCG037-06	Half A Heart Tattoo
"Harper, Ben"	PHMG142-04	Morning Yearning
"Harris, C. & Goulding, E."	SYBG058-14	Outside
"Harris, C. & Newman, J."	SFG244-02	Blame
"Harris, C. & Rihanna"	SYB1130-03	This Is What You Came For
"Heldens, O. & Hill, B."	SFG241-05	Gecko (Overdrive)
Hellogoodbye	PHMG143-05	Here (In Your Arms)
"Henderson, Ella"	SFG241-01	Ghost
"Henderson, Ella"	SYBG057-16	Ghost
"Henderson, Ella"	SFG244-03	Glow
"Howard, Rebecca Lynn"	SCG037-03	What A Shame
Hozier	SYBG057-06	Take Me To Church
"Hunt, Sam"	SYB1128-11	Break Up In A Small Town
"Hunt, Sam"	SBYG059-01	House Party
"Hunt, Sam"	SS-CG199-10	Leave The Night On
"Hunt, Sam"	SYBG250-06	Leave The Night On
"Hunt, Sam"	SYBG250-03	Take Your Time
"Iglesias, E., Paul, S., Bueno, D. & Gente de Zona"	SFG244-13	Bailando
Imagine Dragons	SYB1136-11	Believer
Imagine Dragons	SYBG057-11	I Bet My Life
Incubus	CBG112-08	Drive
Incubus	CBG112-13	I Wish You Were Here
"Irish - Crosby, Bing"	CBG121-09	When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Isley Brothers	CBG119-11	Fight The Power
Isley Brothers	CBG119-08	I Wanna Be With You
Isley Brothers	CBG119-10	It's Your Thing
Isley Brothers	CBG119-12	"Pride, The"
Isley Brothers	CBG119-07	Twist And Shout
Isley Brothers	CBG119-09	Who's That Lady
"Jackson, M. & Timberlake, J."	SFG240-01	Never Felt So Good
"Janson, Chris"	SBYG059-03	Buy Me A Boat
Jeremih & YG	SFG245-15	Don't Tell 'Em
Jessie J. & 2 Chains	SFG245-08	Burnin' Up
"Jessie J. & Grande, A. & Minaj, N."	SFG244-07	Bang Bang
"Jessie J. & Grande, A. & Minaj, N."	SYBG249-09	Bang Bang
Jimmy Eat World	PHMG144-09	Pain 
"Johnson, J. & Costa, M."	PHMG142-08	Let It Be Sung
JoJo	PHMG143-07	How To Touch A Girl
Jonas Brothers	CBG111-02	Pushing Me Away
"Jonas, N. & Lo, T."	SYB1130-04	Close
"Jones, Norah"	PHMG142-03	Thinking About You
Josh Joplin Group	CBG112-02	Camera One
"Joy, Vance"	SYBG057-15	Riptide
Kasabian	SFG241-07	Eez-Eh
Katy B.	SFG240-15	Still
Ke$ha	SYB1136-08	Praying
"Keith, T. & Emerick, S."	SCG037-01	I Can't Take You Anywhere
"Kelly, M.G. & Cabello, C."	SYB1134-11	Bad Things
"Keys, Alicia"	CBG111-07	Superwoman
"Khalifa, W. & Puth, C."	SYB1129-01	See You Again
Kiesza	SFG243-05	Giant In My Heart
"King, Elle"	SYBG060-14	Ex's And Oh's
"Kramer, Jana"	SBYG059-10	I Got The Boy
"Kravitz, Lenny"	CBG112-10	Dig In 
"Krishane & Steel, M."	SFG245-16	Drunk And Incapable
"Kygo & Gomez, S."	SYB1136-02	It Ain't Me
La Roux	SFG241-03	Let Me Down Gently
La Roux	SFG242-17	Uptight Downtown
Labrinth	SFG244-12	Let It Be
Lady Antebellum	SS-CG198-02	Bartender
Lady Antebellum	SS-CG202-07	Free Style
Lady Gaga	SYB1136-14	"Cure, The"
Lady Gaga	SYB1134-04	Million Reasons
"Lamar, Kendrick"	SFG245-11	i
"Lambert, M. & Underwood, C."	SS-CG198-08	Somethin' Bad
"Lambert, Miranda"	SYBG250-05	Little Red Wagon
"Lambert, Miranda"	SS-CG201-04	Platinum
"Lambert, Miranda"	SBYG059-16	Roots And Wings
"Lambert, Miranda"	SYB1132-15	Vice
"Larsson, Z. & MNEK"	SYB1129-04	Never Forget You
"Lavigne, Avril"	PHMG143-02	Keep Holding On
"Legend, J. & Andre 3000"	CBG111-06	Green Light
Leroy	CB20571-01	Santa Stole My Baby
"Levine, Adam"	SFG243-08	Lost Stars
LFO	CBG112-14	Every Other Time
"Li, Lykke"	SFG240-06	No Rest For The Wicked
Lifehouse	CBG111-08	Broken
Little Big Town	SS-CG199-08	Day Drinking
Little Big Town	SYBG250-08	Day Drinking
Little Big Town	SYBG058-07	Girl Crush
Little Big Town	SYBG250-14	Girl Crush
"Lo, Tove"	SYBG058-12	Talking Boy
LoCash	SYB1128-07	I Love This Life
Lorde	SYB1136-10	Green Light
Los Lonely Boys	PHMG142-06	My Way
Lostprophets	PHMG144-05	Wake Up (Make A Move)
"Lovato, Demi"	SYB1129-12	Confident
"Lovato, Demi"	SYBG058-10	Cool For The Summer
"Lovato, Demi"	SFG241-17	Neon Lights
"Loveless, Patty"	SCG037-08	Lovin' All Night (Radio Version)
Maddie & Tae	SS-CG200-06	Girl In A Country Song
Magic!	SFG242-16	Rude
Major Lazer & DJ Snake & MO	SYBG060-06	Lean On 
"Manson, Marilyn"	PHMG144-07	Personal Jesus
Marian Hill	SYB1136-16	Down
Maroon 5	SYBG249-04	Animals
Maroon 5	SFG242-05	Maps
Maroon 5	SYBG249-12	Maps
Maroon 5	SYBG057-09	Sugar
"Mars, Bruno"	SYB1134-03	24K Magic
"Mars, Bruno"	SYB1136-03	That's What I Like
"McCartney, Jesse"	CBG111-05	It's Over
"McEntire, Reba"	SBYG059-12	Going Out Like That
"McGraw, Tim"	SYB1128-09	Humble And Kind
"McGraw, Tim"	CBG118-01	Nothin' To Die For
"McGraw, Tim"	SS-CG202-02	Shotgun Rider
"McGraw, Tim"	SYBG250-07	Shotgun Rider
"Meatloaf & Raven, M."	PHMG141-09	It's All Coming Back To Me Now
"Minaj, Nicki"	SFG244-05	Anaconda
"Minogue, Kylie"	SFG240-16	I Was Gonna Cancel
MKTO	SFG242-15	Classic
MKTO	SYBG249-14	Classic
Montgomery Gentry	SCG037-04	Hell Yeah
"Moore, J. & Lambert, M."	SS-CG200-02	Old Habits
"Morgan, Craig"	CBG118-07	God Must Really Love Me
"Morris, Maren"	SYB1132-06	80's Mercedes
"Morris, Maren"	SYB1128-10	My Church
Mr. Probe	SFG240-05	Waves (Robin Schultz Radio Edit)
"Murs, O. & McCoy, T."	SFG245-09	Wrapped Up
"Musgraves, Kacey"	SBYG059-14	Biscuits
Neon Jungle	SFG241-10	Louder
"Nettles, Jennifer"	SS-CG199-03	Me Without You
"Neville, Aaron"	PHMG141-07	It's All Right
Nickelback	CBG112-07	How You Remind Me
Nico & Vinz	SFG242-14	Am I Wrong
"Nutini, Paolo"	SFG243-04	Iron Sky
"Nutini, Paolo"	SFG240-04	Let Me Down Easy
"Nutini, Paolo"	PHMG142-05	New Shoes
OMI	SYBG058-02	Cheerleader
One Direction	SFG245-02	Steal My Girl
OneRepublic	SYBG058-15	I Lived
OneRepublic	SFG242-04	Love Runs Out
OneRepublic	SYB1130-15	Wherever I Go
"Owen, Jake"	SYB1132-14	American Country Love Song
"Owen, Jake"	SYBG250-09	Beachin'
"Owen, Jake"	SS-CG201-08	What We Ain't Got
"Paisley, Brad"	SS-CG202-03	Perfect Storm
"Paisley, Brad"	SS-CG198-07	River Bank
"Pardi, Jon"	SYB1132-12	Head Over Boots
Parmalee	SS-CG202-09	Close Your Eyes
"Parton, Dolly"	SFG242-18	Try
"Paslay, Eric"	SS-CG199-06	Song About A Girl
Passenger	SFG240-11	Hearts On Fire
Passenger	SYBG057-04	Let Her Go
"Perry, Katy"	SYBG249-15	Birthday
"Perry, Katy"	SFG243-01	This Is How We Do
"Perry, Katy"	SYBG249-11	This Is How We Do 
"Pigg, Landon"	PHMG141-05	Can't Let Go
Pink	SYB1129-14	Just Like Fire
"Posner, Mike"	SYB1129-07	I Took A Pill In Ibiza
"Prine, John"	CB20571-02	Christmas In Prison
"Professor Green & Kelly, T."	SFG244-14	Lullaby
"Puth, C. & Gomez, S."	SYB1130-06	We Don't Talk Anymore
"R. City & Levine, A."	SYBG060-13	Locked Away
"Rae Sremmurd & Mane, G."	SYB1134-09	Black Beatles
Raelynn	SS-CG202-05	God Made Girls
"Ray, Michael"	SBYG059-15	Kiss You In The Morning
REM	PHMG144-03	Leaving New York
"Rhett, Thomas"	SYB1128-16	Crash And Burn
"Rhett, Thomas"	SYB1128-01	Die A Happy Man
"Rhett, Thomas"	SS-CG198-04	Get Me Some Of That
"Rhett, Thomas"	SYB1132-10	T-Shirt
Rice Chase	SS-CG199-05	Ready Set Roll
"Rich, John"	CBG118-04	Another You
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-06	Congratulations
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-04	Devil Woman
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-05	Living Doll
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-07	"Minute You're Gone, The"
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-02	Please Don't Tease
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-08	Power To All Our Friends
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-01	We Don't Talk Anymore
"Richard, Cliff"	SCG038-03	"Young Ones, The"
Rixton	SFG242-11	Me And My Broken Heart
Rixton	SYBG249-08	Me And My Broken Heart
Rixton	SFG243-12	Wait On Me
Rizzle Kicks 	SFG243-13	Tell Her
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-08	A Dollar's Worth Of Pennies
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-07	"Folk Singer, The"
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-09	Kiss And Run
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-10	Some Such Foolishness
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-11	Stop Complaining
"Roe, Tommy"	CBG120-12	Susie Darlin'
"Ronson, M. & Mars, B."	SYBG249-02	Uptown Funk
Royal Blood	SFG243-16	Figure It Out
"Rucker, Darius"	SS-CG201-03	Homegrown Honey
Ruth B.	SYB1130-14	Lost Boy
"Ruttan, Deric"	SCG037-07	When You Come Around
S. Tune - Dreamgirls - Beyonce	PHMG142-01	Listen
Saint Motel	SFG243-03	My Type
"Saturdays, The"	SFG242-07	What Are You Waiting For
"Scherzinger, Nicole"	SFG244-10	On The Rocks
"Scherzinger, Nicole"	SFG241-14	Your Love
"Script, The"	SFG243-02	Superheroes
"Segar, Bob"	CB20571-05	Sock It To Me Santa
Shakira	SFG240-12	Dare (La La La)
"Sheeran, Ed"	SFG242-02	Don't  
"Sheeran, Ed"	SFG245-01	Thinking Out Loud
"Shelton, B. & Sebastian, G."	SS-CG198-06	My Eyes
"Shelton, Blake"	SYB1132-08	Came Here To Forget
"Shelton, Blake"	SBYG059-13	Sangria
"Shelton, Blake "	SS-CG201-01	Neon Light
"Shelton, Blake "	SS-CG202-04	Sangria
Sheppard	SFG244-06	Geromino
"Shins, The"	PHMG142-07	Phantom Limb
Sia	SFG242-06	Chandelier
Sia	SYB1130-01	Cheap Thrills
Sia	SYBG058-16	Elastic Heart
"Sia & Lamar, K."	SYB1134-14	"Greatest, The"
"Sigma & Faith, P."	SFG243-11	Changing
Simple Plan	PHMG144-04	Welcome To My Life
Smash Mouth	CBG112-15	Then The Morning Comes
"Smith, Canaan"	SBYG059-06	Love You Like That
"Smith, Sam"	SFG243-17	I'm Not The Only One
"Smith, Sam"	SYBG057-08	I'm Not The Only One
"Smith, Sam"	SYBG060-07	Lay Me Down
"Smith, Sam"	SYBG057-02	Stay With Me
"Smith, Will"	9807P-06	Just The Two Of Us
"Spektor, Regina"	PHMG142-02	Fidelity
"Stapleton, Chris"	SYB1128-13	Tennessee Whiskey
"Stefani, Gwen"	PHMG143-01	Wind It Up
"Steinfeld, H., Grey, & Zedd"	SYB1134-10	Starving
"Stevens, Ray"	CB20571-06	Redneck Christmas
"Styles, Harry"	SYB1136-15	Sign Of The Times
"Swift, Taylor"	SYBG058-01	Bad Blood
"Swift, Taylor"	SYBG249-05	Blank Space
"Swift, Taylor"	CBG118-03	Fearless
"Swift, Taylor"	SFG244-01	Shake It Off
"Swift, Taylor"	SYBG249-03	Shake It Off
"Swift, Taylor"	SYBG057-03	Style
"Swift, Taylor"	SYBG060-04	Wildest Dreams
"Swindell, Cole"	SBYG059-08	Ain't Worth The Whiskey
"Swindell, Cole"	SS-CG199-07	Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
"Swindell, Cole"	SYB1128-04	You Should Be Here
"Swon Brothers, The"	SS-CG200-04	Later On
Take That	SFG245-05	These Days
Tenacious D	PHMG143-08	"Pick Of Destiny, The"
"Tomlinson, Trent"	CBG118-05	That's How It Still Oughta Be
Trailer Trash	CB20571-03	Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas
Train	SYB1136-13	Play That Song
"Trainor, M. & Legend, J."	SYBG060-08	Like I'm Gonna Lose You
"Trainor, Meghan"	SYBG249-01	All About That Bass
"Trainor, Meghan"	SFG244-09	All About The Bass
"Trainor, Meghan"	SYBG058-03	Dear Future Husband
"Trainor, Meghan"	SYB1130-09	Me Too
"Turner, Josh"	SCG037-02	Long Black Train
Twenty One Pilots	SYB1130-08	Heathens
Twenty One Pilots	SYB1130-02	Ride
Twenty One Pilots	SYB1129-03	Stressed Out
Twin Atlantic	SFG241-18	Heart And Soul
U2	CBG112-09	Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out 
"Underwood, Carrie"	SYB1128-12	Church Bells
"Underwood, Carrie"	SYB1132-13	Dirty Laundry
"Underwood, Carrie"	SYB1128-08	Heartbeat
"Underwood, Carrie"	SS-CG200-01	Keep Us Safe
"Underwood, Carrie"	SYBG250-16	Little Toy Guns
"Underwood, Carrie"	SBYG059-02	Smoke Break
"Underwood, Carrie"	SS-CG202-01	Something In The Water
"Underwood, Carrie"	SYBG250-02	Something In The Water
Union J.	SFG242-03	Tonight (We Live Forever)
"Urban, Keith"	SYB1132-02	Blue Ain't Your Colour
"Urban, Keith"	SS-CG201-05	Somewhere In My Car
Usher	SFG240-03	Good Kisser
Usher &	CBG111-01	What's Your Name
"Vamps, The & Lovato, D."	SFG242-01	Somebody To You
"Vamps, The & Mendes, S."	SFG244-04	Oh Cecillia (Breaking My Heart)
"Veronicas, The"	SFG245-18	You Ruin Me
Vertical Horizon	CBG112-03	You're A God
Walk The Moon	SYBG058-04	Shut Up And Dance
"Wankelmut & Louise, E."	SFG243-18	My Head Is A Jungle
"Ware, Jessie"	SFG244-08	Say You Love Me
"Weeknd, The"	SYBG060-01	Can't Feel My Face
"Weeknd, The"	SYBG060-05	Earned It
"Weeknd, The"	SYBG060-09	"Hills, The"
"Weeknd, The & Daft Punk"	SYB1136-09	I Feel It Coming
"Weeknd, The & Daft Punk"	SYB1134-07	Starboy
" & Wise, C."	SFG241-15	It's My Birthday
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-09	All Jokes Aside
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-08	I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-11	Naked Women And Beer
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-12	Southern Thunder
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-07	They Want To Go Wild (And I Want To Go Home)
"Williams Jr., Hank "	CBG123-10	Where Would We Be Without The Yankees
"Williams, Michelle"	CBG111-03	"Greatest, The"
"Williams, Pharrell"	SFG243-10	Come Get Bae
"Wood, L. & Prick, The & Schultz, R."	SFG244-17	Prayer In C
"Wurst, Conchita"	SFG240-18	Rise Like A Phoenix (Eurovision Winner 2014)
Wynonna	CBG118-06	Sing
X Ambassabors	SYBG060-15	Renegades
X Ambassadors	SYB1130-13	Unsteady
"Young, C. & Pope, C."	SYB1128-06	Think Of You
"Young, Chris"	SYB1128-14	I'm Comin' Over
"Young, Chris"	SYBG250-12	Who I Am With You
Yusuf	PHMG142-09	Heaven/Where True Love Goes
Zayn	SYB1129-13	Pillowtalk
"Zayn & Swift, T."	SYB1136-05	I Don't Want To Live Forever

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