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Irreverent Self-portrait

Born and raised in Germany
long, long ago,
way back in the 20th century.
Still alive though
and hoping to be
far into the new century...

A glimpse of Me and another glimpse of Me

Irreverent Self-Portrait Continued. Click your way in to see some pictures of Timbuktu. Yes, Timbuktu exists. The term "Timbuktu" is not merely a metaphor for a never-never place; it stands for a real place in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Sort of the end of the world but -- real. You will also find a rogue gallery of family pictures, people scattered all over the place, each with a brief verbal ID tag. 


Yours to Make or Mar

I am a bona fide naturopath. I believe, without reservations, that there would be little illness in the world if people lived right. That's no silly pipe dream but a very real possibility.

The "National Geographic" of Jan/73 carries an article about three pockets of healthy people which its teams of investigators discovered -- the Hunza of north-eastern Pakistan, the people who live in the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia and the Indians of Villacabamba high up in the mountains of Ecuador. The re searchers who went in to investigate could not believe what they found -- people a hundred and older still working in the fields, grand- fathers looking so much like their grandsons that the observers had trouble telling them apart, an almost total absence of the degenerative diseases that plague humanity in the developed worrld -- no heart disease, no diabetes, no cancer, no arthritis. When they had sifted through and evaluated the evidence, they came to the conclusion that the settings in which these people lived all but compelled them to practice a lifestyle that makes for good health. Living in mountains, where practically every step they take means mountain climbing, they get enough exercise without even trying. Their food is organic food, not corrupted by chemical fertilizers or insecticides. They work hard but they also get enough rest, their nights not having been turned into day by the advent of electric light. [To be continued after the break]


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Healthy people anywhere, individuals or groups like the Hunza, owe their good health not to the ministrations of Western Medicine but to a wholesome lifestyle. Healthy people, by and large, do not consume drugs. It is the sick who do, and often the drugs make them sicker. All-too often the drugs people take to get better kill them. A recent University of Toronto study comes to the conclusion that drugs -- legitimate drugs, not street drugs -- kill at least 100,000 people a year in the US. I heard the man responsible for the study interviewed on radio. He readily admitted that this was little more than the tip of the iceberg. For one, the study was based on the number of drug deaths reported in 39 major US hospitals. It did not concern itself with drug-induced deaths that occurred at home. Moreover, doctors are not required by any law to report such deaths. If they report them, they report them voluntarily. Impossible to estimate how many such deaths go unreported.


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The study made no attempt to estimate the number of drug-induced deaths that are not recognized as such. The researcher readily conceded that the figure of 100,000 would more than double if all deaths attributable to drugs could be accounted for. Soon after the Canadian study was published, I saw a piece of news in the German press, which reported that drugs kill about 8,000 people annually in Germany and seriously harm at least another 80,000. That's obviously gross under-reporting. If drugs kill more than 100,000 a year in the US, one-third of that would represent a reasonable figure for Germany, the population of the US being about three times that of Germany.

Medical literature records a number of situations where doctors went on strike. Contrary to expectations, the people thus deprived of their doctors' services did not seem any the worse for it. Let's look at just one such situation. In 1972, the doctors of Los Angeles County in California withheld their services from all but emergency cases. When the strike was over and investigators went in to assess the damage, they discovered, much to their surprise, that there had been no damage. Most people had suffered little, if any, inconvenience during the slow-down. And they discovered something even more surprising -- that the death rate had gone down in the county while the doctors were off the job. The investigators attributed the drop in the death rate to fewer drugs and less surgery.


I heard David Suzuki say on television not long ago that about one-third of North Americans have turned to alternative medicine. They can't all be crazy. If you want to find out what it means to live so that you won't get sick again, just do a little browsing in HOW TO BE YOUR OWN BEST DOCTOR.


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  • Immer wenn du meinst es geht nicht mehr
    Kommtvon irgendwo ein Lichtlein her

    [Just when you think you can't go on,
    Somewhere a little light comes on.]

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  • Click here to sample some Proverbs and Sayings from all over the world. One is so used to proverbs in one's own language that one does not give them much thought. Proverbs from other languages and/or cultures may touch on familiar themes in ways so strikingly new as to catch one's full attention. Here are two of my favorites, one from Hausaland (West Africa) and one from Saudi Arabia. The first one, "Ba ruwanka," is the Hausa way of saying "This is none of your business." Literally it means "This is not your water." How so very appropriate for Hausaland, much of which is semi-desert, where water is more precious than precious.

    The second one, "The son of a duck is a floater," is the Saudi way of saying "Like father like son." Though I have heard or talked about the Saudi version scores of times, I still grin when I think of it. In German, by the way, the same proverb comes in yet a different metaphoric garb; to wit, "Der Apfel faellt nicht weit vom Stamm" -- an apple does not fall far from the tree,

    Here is one of my favorite poem

    Assault of Angels

    The mind trembles from the assault of angels.
    Running in familiar light it sees the sea,
    It remembers the dark subway and the lost fields
    of childhood. It remembers the loneliness
    of first love and the end of summer.
    Those are familiar and small.
    But the assault of angels is more terrible
    Angels are invisible. Angels cast no shadow
    And their unpredicted motion moves the familiar
    shadows into light. Angels cannot burn their fingers.
    Unacknowledged, they pass unseen: no-one will
    ever know. Refuse them. They have no claim to charity.
    To ignore them offers a key to omniscience.
    Angels breed darkness out of light. Angels
    rejoice in things we hate and fear. Angels
    are the launching of a new ship. Angels offer
    to inhabit the landscape of your body.
    Angels will let you grow as a child grows.
    They are your enemy, they will destroy you.
    And a time comes when a man's afraid to grow.
    A time comes when the house is comfortable and narrow.
    A time, when the spirit of life contracts.
    Angels are at the door. Admit them. Now.
    (Michael Roberts)

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