2022 Updates to
Doctor DOS Betamax's
DOS Website

                              October 2

1/ Added many entries to DOS Graphic File Extensions.

                               July 24

1/ Added `.dbv' to DOS File Extensions.

                                May 26

1/ Added an entry (#49) to DOS Tips.

                                May 8

1/ Altered the html on the DOS Main Page so as to remove some
 unnecessary code.
2/ Cleaned up the layout in the above link.
3/ Added a caution below the e-mail link to notify those sending
 comments and questions that a 2021 Microsoft update is causing my
 replies to end up in some recipient's "Trash" folders.

                                January 22

1/ Added several links to "DOS Games" in DOS Websites.
2/ Fixed broken links to the `YouTube' logo in the above link.

                                January 5

1/ Clarified several points in the DOS Variables Tutorial.

                                January 4

1/ Updated all 2021 references to be 2022.

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