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This is Corryne of Halifax's own pagan radio show. That's CKDU Community Radio, 97.5 FM, Fridays at 7:00 p.m., The Witching Hour and The Heretic Heart. I get invited on every so often and talk about Ásatrú, Runes, and that kind of stuff.

Most of the sites I recommended highly. Make sure you have plenty of time on hand before you go surfing. Some of these sites will keep you reading for a long, long time...

For an overview -- of Ásatrú, then of 62 other religions! -- go to the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, a very excellent site run by four dedicated volunteers, to promote -- well, exactly what the name says.

Frigga's Web Books link For further information in print, make sure to visit the Frigga's Web Bookstore ---->

Happy reading... First here's a guide to the organization of this page:

Ásatrú sites

Canadian Ásatrú Sites

  • Dan Miller's Asatru web-site, with links
  • Icelandic-Viking Lore & Religion -- a Canadian Ásatrú page, with many links
  • The Bifrost Kindred of Edmonton
  • Dylan's Heimpage
  • Ásatrú and Pagan links from the Temple of the Lady
  • and of course our own Fiskiörn Kindred
  • and a homepage linking to Heathen poetry, seidhr pages, Ásatrú, etc
  • Ásatrú Sites elsewhere

    International, overseas, and larger-scale North American organizations

  • Ring of Troth Recommended essential reading...
  • The Heathen Pages full of good material, articles, links
  • The American Vinland Association
  • Trothmoot 1996 photos and report!
  • Frigga's Web
  • Irminsul Aettir Ásatrú, Seidhr, Runes, links
  • The Angelseaxisce Ealdriht webpage includes sample ritual in Old English

  • Ásatrúarfélagiš; The Icelandic Ásatrú Association
  • site of Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir with information on her book Óðsmál
  • Åsatrufellesskapet Bifrost Ásatrú in Norway (English pages available)
  • Gimlé in Norway
  • Foreningen Forn Sed in Norway
  • Asgaard site in Denmark
  • Oak Harrow Garth of The Ring of Troth (Europe)
  • Odinic Rite Österreich (Austria)
  • The Oak Hof
  • Arlea Anschutz' Germanic Heritage Page
  • The Asatru Kindred of Australasia Incorporated
  • North American kindreds, hofs, garths, hearths and personal web-pages

  • The Heathen Update's list of Ásatrú Kindreds
  • Irminsul Aettir's clickable MAP of local organizations
  • Hrafnar of Berkeley, California
  • Hammerstead Kindred pages with links, and material about Ásatrú principles
  • Morrigan's Site Ásatrú and Celtic links
  • Raven kindred page contains essential basic reading
  • Dick Dawson's pages -- many links
  • Erik's Hall
  • Keeper of Seasons Hall
  • the NM Ásatrú Council
  • Margvegr kindred's homepage
  • Rigsbornin Kindred Homepage
  • Ravenswood Kindred
  • Diana (Raven)'s webpage - with links
  • Manny Olds' Ásatrú Links
  • Thrudheim page with Ásatrú Chat
  • The Independant Ásatrú Hof of Philadelphia
  • Kindred Spirits Hearth from Cincinnati, Ohio. Gracious hosts of Our Troth online! Check it out...
  • Whispering Ravens Kindred
  • Irmin's Way Houston Area Kindred of Ásatrú
  • The Ylg Felag based in the Portland, OR., Vancouver, WA. area
  • Wednesbury Theod
  • Runes

  • Runegild Official website
  • Runesmith page from Tara Hill Designs
  • Irminsul Aettir Ásatrú, Seidhr, Runes
  • Rune Reading page
  • Rune fonts for Macs
  • On particular God/esses...

  • Wodan's Shrine, by Erich Campbell
  • Óðinn
  • The Wain magazine Dedicated to the Vanir
  • Loki Cult page (make sure you read Alice's ritual!)
  • Johannes' essay on Loki
  • Poul Martin Hensen's essay on Loki
  • Jason's pages on Thor
  • Thrudheim page with essays on Thor
  • Thorshof pages Includes material on Þórr, also Freyr, Frigg, Holda and Sif... and connections to "Thunder" journal
  • The Myth and Meaning of Baldr, an essay by Daithi Haxton
  • Hlidskjalf page, information on God/desses, Norns, and many other beings
  • Ásatrú poetry, music...

  • Memorial to Ron Snow (Ragnar Ulfgarsson), his songs.
  • Music Hall of Frigga's Web
  • Ragnheið's poems and songs
  • Seidhr, Spaeworking, Shamanism

  • Spae-Craft, Seidhr, and Shamanism
  • The Return of the Völva
  • The Seidhman Rants
  • On the Knife Edge: seidhr-working and the anthropologist
  • Irminsul Aettir This site has some other seidhr links
  • Literature, translations, research on the Web

    Icelandic texts

  • Fornrit Old Icelandic literature: Icelandic text of many sagas, Gylfaginning, Þættir, etc, from Netútgáfan
  • Projekt Runeberg
  • Norrøne tekster Icelandic text of Codex Regius, quite a bit of Skáldic poetry, some sagas, from the Norwegian site of Jón Júlíus Filippusson. He is gradually putting Snorri's Edda on line...
  • Poetic Edda in ON - critical edition
  • ON Eddic poems - Bugges 1867 edition of the elder Edda

    Edda and Saga translations

  • Havamal translation (Taylor/Auden)
  • Edda translations
  • Lokasenna translation
  • Lay of Thrym with really cute illustrations!
  • Heroic Lays of the Poetic Edda (tr. Stephan Grundy)
  • Online Medieval and Classical Library includes Cormac's, Njal's, Grettir's Sagas, Heimskringla...

    Old English material

  • The Electronic Beowulf
  • Labyrinth Old English Library including O-E text of Beowulf
  • The Old English Pages


  • mediaeval material translated, some useful to Ásatrú
  • Mythology and Theology

    Here you will find general accounts of mythology, "who are the Norse Gods", and so forth. You will also find Theology, and ideas for reconstructing Heathen religion; and some anthropology on present-day Heathenry.
  • Articles from Mountain Thunder Excellent reading, much food for thought, and a good introduction to the religion
  • The Norse Mythology Pages
  • Myths and legends links to pages on many mythologies, including Norse/Teutonic, and Finnish.
  • Heathen Poems and Songs -- includes some theology, and also anthropological accounts of present-day Ásatrú.
  • Óðsmál by Gudrun Kristin Magnusdottir
  • Fonts for Macs

    These will enable you to write using special characters in Icelandic (modern or old) and Old English. If you use the TimesOE-Roman font to read your email or other people's webpages, the "thorn" and "edh" characters will actually show up!

    I've also put the link to the runic fonts here (as well as in the RUNES category).

    Note for IBM users: The Yamada language Centre (where these mac fonts are) does have some IBM stuff, so it may be worth your while to follow the links and investigate.

  • Icelandic and Old English Fonts
  • Version 2 of TimesOE font which is not yet available on the Yamada site (fixes a printing problem)
  • Rune fonts
  • Carl Anderson's Edlund Fond
  • Gullskoen rune font for Macintosh -- Windows version also available.

    Links to many other OE fonts are available from the Old English Pages, accessible from TimesOE page or Yamada, or the Literature section of this list.

  • History, museums, culture, and other neat stuff...

  • The Árni Magnússon Institute in Iceland Icelandic Manuscript and folklore collection -- this is where the Codex Regius of the Poetic Edda is kept.
  • The Viking Lady's Answer PageWell-researched answers to questions like "What did the Vikings eat?"
  • Viking Heritage Viking Heritage network, Quiz, pictures, links, more pictures, maps, more pictures -- and the site's still under development.
  • Regia Anglorum: Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 950-1066AD
  • Internet Resources for the Anglo-Saxon World Links, especially for Archaeology and Literature
  • Secrets of the Norman Invasions. Interesting if somewhat idiosyncratic!
  • The World of the Vikings Site now expanded, includes many links esp. to museums and exhibitions, and information about the CD Rom "The World of the Vikings"
  • The Viking Homepage More viking information and images, from Sweden
  • The Viking Network Web Still more splendid material, from Norway, and the server is named Odin
  • Borg Viking Museum
  • Icelandic Students mythology and saga page English language page (also available Icelandic)
  • Age of the Vikings
  • Labyrinth British Isles Mediaeval page links to Anglo-Saxon Culture page
  • Arlea Anschutz' Germanic Heritage Page
  • Hruodperht der Rott's Heimpage
  • Beowulf for Beginners Aimed chiefly at children, with lots of pictures, the story, and how to pronounce some of these names...
  • Archaeology...

    (Also see material under "museums".)
  • excavation of a Late Iron Age chieftain site
  • New boar-helm find
  • Lakenheath horse-burial find.
  • Theod...

  • Wednesbury Theod
  • Gerda Gisela Ceorless Seaxfeldes' Home Page
  • The Winland Rice homepage
  • Ásatrú and Wicca...

  • The Pentagram and the Hammer Essential reading!
  • Mead...

  • Mead recipes, general info., and links...
  • Jim's Mead primer
  • Jewellery, sculptures, clothes...

  • Donna Kaunike's Heathen carvings including Deity statues. Email is
  • James Chisholm's jewelry, many beautiful items
  • Jewellery and Thor's hammers!
  • Viking beads
  • Finnish traditional clothes
  • Games

  • Tafl Rules
  • Funny stuff...

  • Top ten ways to annoy the Norse pantheon

  • for further info on Fiskiörn kindred contact: our gydhja email: <gydhja'at'>

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